Fixpack Installation

There is always a first time for installing a fixpack on your Cognos server.

In the following steps the installation is explained with screenshots. This example is on a linux server.

Please note that we do not take any responsibility when things go wrong!!

First of all be sure that you always have a backup of the complete cognos installation. This can contain:

  • OS files backup
  • Cognos Content Store backup (also explained in Cognos Content Backup)
  • Database backup – cognos and report object schema’s

1. Download the required fixpack form

2. Read the instructions along with the fixpack

3. Go to the directory on the linux filesystem. Then run ./issetup



4. Follow the instructions during the setup.



5. Accept the licence agreement



6. Browse to the installation directory of you cognos server, most of the time this will be: /opt/cognos/c8



7. It is advised to click Yes and have cognos make a backup of all the files that will be replaced.



8. Review the summary and click next to start the installation.



9. Installation is running.



10. A summary of the installation is presented.



11. On completion the following screen appears



12. Test the cognos server by Loggin in to Cognos and running Cognos Configuration.

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